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International Conference
“Intermodal Transports: Innovations in Planning, Management,
Business Development & Decision Making”









Dear friends & colleagues,
Just as every year this year too, HAS organizes its annual banquet Wright Dinner on Wednesday 17 December in memoriam of the first heavier than air flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903.

This year event concurs with our 10th anniversary as scientific entity and gets an extra weight of symbolic nature for those who are its true believers and have worked relentlessly to fulfill its purpose and ideas.

These ideas are not self-contained in an expert scientific framework only, but extent well beyond reaching out the broader fields of a civilized society. To this end, all the monies of the gathering will go to charity to some of our fellow citizens who happen to be deprived of proper joy of life like most of us do.

Our meeting point is the restaurant ‘’Το 21’’ found in the iconic Athenian neighbourhood of Psyri in Monastiraki area. Apart from the good feast and boozes, our evening will be garnished with “The voyage of Aviation’’, a melodic saxophone duet and the in-house band. Participation fee is 25 euro/person.

Moreover, we would be thankful to all of you should we be able to get some extra complementary aid of symbolic amount from companies or organizations in order to increase the social contribution of our event.

It would be our pleasure to have all of you with us along with your friends.
Reserve your place in time at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , mob.6974.045.074

The Board

Wednesday 17 December
Arrival 20.30-21.00
21 Agion Anargyron str., Psyri - Monastiraki







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The Association - General info

The aims of the Society are :

A. To contribute to the progress and promotion of the science of air transport .

B. To promote and present to the wider public the work of aviation and its contribution to the economic, political and social development of Greece .

C. To offer survey, research and consultative assistance to governmental and private institutions involved in aviation matters.

D. To cooperate with Higher Education Corporations and other organizations engaged in the area of aviation.

E. ΝTo create and keep Historical Archives and a Library for both Hellenic and international aviation.




The Association - General info

Dear Friends,

In the world and legends of the Greek Mythology, it was Daedalus and Icarus who built and put on wings made of wax and feathers to fly over the Aegean, believing it was the only and necessary means of transport to escape from the Minoan palace and regain their freedom. The method they used, even though quite primitive in relation to the modern means available, was a scientific discovery through which it was proven that no authority, however strong and dominating it might be, can prevent the progress of scientific and technological knowledge.

In the fast developing modern world, characterized by important technological discoveries and new techniques, the modern telecommunication systems facilitate the swift diffusion of ideas and messages in small and large distances. Air mail, facsimiles, telegrams, telexes, e-mails, Internet etc have been the very means that have contributed to the demise of the international boundaries of communication and to the development of the international commercial, political and cultural relations between countries and people.

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