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In the world and legends of the Greek Mythology, it was Daedalus and Icarus who built and put on wings made of wax and feathers to fly over the Aegean, believing it was the only and necessary means of transport to escape from the Minoan palace and regain their freedom. The method they used, even though quite primitive in relation to the modern means available, was a scientific discovery through which it was proven that no authority, however strong and dominating it might be, can prevent the progress of scientific and technological knowledge.

In the fast developing modern world, characterized by important technological discoveries and new techniques, the modern telecommunication systems facilitate the swift diffusion of ideas and messages in small and large distances. Air mail, facsimiles, telegrams, telexes, e-mails, Internet etc have been the very means that have contributed to the demise of the international boundaries of communication and to the development of the international commercial, political and cultural relations between countries and people.

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